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July 18, 2006, Ljubljana

The day went by with everybody saying goodbye, crying, thanking each other, packing and departing. We took the last chance to capture everybody on camera. Unfortunately, those who left early are not in the pictures.

All the guides shared the opinion that even if the work in the past few days was tiring and full of responsibilities, they enjoyed it very much. They pleasantly surprised us by saying: 'Should there be another Olympiad in Slovenia, feel free to choose us again'. Anyway, we are going home happy and proud of our work. GOODBYE! More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

The End

July 17, 2006, Ljubljana

Everybody was anxious for the closing ceremony to start, at which the best contestants received their awards. After the ceremony we moved to the banquet hall and partied all night long... More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Sport and Computer Games Awards

July 16, 2006, Ljubljana

After returning from Gorenjska we ate well and a lot. The final game of football was played, which signified the end of the tournament. The best three teams from each category in the tournament then received their medals. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

A Trip to Gorenjska

July 16, 2006, Gorenjska

We set out on a trip to Gorenjska today. First, we took a thrilling walk through the narrow Vintgar Gorge. Later, we stopped at Bled to enjoy a local culinary specialty called 'Kremšnita' (cream slice). After a short leisurely walk in Bled , we proceeded to Kranjska Gora, where we had our picnic lunch and played the final game of volleyball. Afterwards, we returned to the hostel tired as ever. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel


July 16, 2006, Ljubljana

The results are now available!

Sport Tournaments Continued

July 15, 2006, Ljubljana

In the morning we took a guided tour of Ljubljana and in the afternoon we continued with sport tournaments. In addition, contestants engaged in interesting activities such as: playing video games, sweating in the fitness studio, answering reporters' questions, celebrating birthdays and much more. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Night streets
Night Life

July 14, 2006, Ljubljana

This evening contestants massively multiplayed a game called Mafia in front of the hostel. Soon after they were let loose on the night streets of Ljubljana to blow off some steam. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

A Trip to Primorska

July 14, 2006, Primorska

We dedicated a day to a trip to Primorska, where we visited the world-famous Postojna cave. From there we continued on to Portorož, where the contestants finally had a chance to talk to their leaders. Also, the blue sea was too great a temptation not to take a dive into it. We finished our trip by strolling around the old city of Piran. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Sport Tournaments

July 13, 2006, Ljubljana

This afternoon started with a visit from the Slovakian ambassador and continued with sport tournaments, which lasted into the evening hours. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Contest area B
Second Day of Contest

July 13, 2006, Ljubljana

The day was marked by interviews with the national dailies Večer and Delo, birthdays of three contestants and deputy leaders meeting their teams. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Problem Statements and Their Solutions

July 13, 2006, Ljubljana

The competition is over and the Problem statements with their solutions are available. More Images »

Answering questions
Questions and Answers

July 12, 2006, Portorož

During the first half hour of the contest the students who had questions concerning the problem statements were allowed to ask their leaders in Portorož for clarification. This was done electronically over the Internet. The leaders presented the question to the jury, who formulated an answer which was then sent back to the contestant in Ljubljana.

Most of the answers were along the lines of 'please read the text again carefully'. More Images »

Thinking hard
Problem Statements - Day 1

July 12, 2006, Ljubljana

The first part of the competition is over. Problem statements are available for your solving pleasure. More Images »

Gathering solutions
First Day of Contest

July 12, 2006, Ljubljana

As we were gathering to leave for the competition hall, a short thunderstorm caught us by surprise. This could have added to the competitors’ anxiety, but luckily everything went well, and the first day of the contest ended without complications. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Nigeriam team
Grand Opening

July 11, 2006, Ljubljana

The leaders and the contestants gathered in Ljubljana today for the grand opening of IMO 2006. In an interesting set-up they all filled the same hall, but did not meet face to face as the leaders were on another floor. The guest speakers at the opening were the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Mr Zvonko Trontelj, the Mayoress of Ljubljana, Ms Danica Simšič, the Minister of Education and Sports, Mr Milan Zver, and the Chairman of the IMO Advisory Board, Mr Jozsef Pelikan.

A parade of the 94 participating countries followed. Excitement filled the air as the contestants appeared on the stage each presenting their country in their own way. More Images »

Bulgarian team
Day of the Grand Opening

July 11, 2006, Ljubljana

In the morning many engaged in sport activities as the Sport Games will be held on Thursday. Slovenian, Bangladesh, Chinese, Japanese and Czech representatives were interviewed.

After lunch everybody made themselves ready for the Grand Opening and happily posed for the cameras in their colorful outfits. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Japanese team
Last Contestants Arrive

July 10, 2006, Ljubljana

Today our guests kept arriving and the last few kept us waiting long into the night. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Presenting scheme
Coordination of the marking

July 10, 2006, Portorož

Chief coordinators proposed marking schemes for the problems. The jury accepted their proposals after a hot debate and a few changes were made to the schemes. More Images »

Kebab line
Start of an Interesting Week

July 10, 2006, Ljubljana

The week began as an interesting encounter between all the people involved in the Olympiad: contestants, guides and staff alike. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Busy computers Sunday Afternoon

July 9, 2006, Ljubljana

Today's afternoon was marked by the arrival of new teams and the guessing of the score of this year's FIFA World Cup finale, which we all watched. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Thailand team The Fun Is Starting

July 9, 2006, Ljubljana

Early in the morning we tested the Xboxes. We started our first meetings with the guides and thus prepared waited for the arrivals of the first participants. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

Translations Translations

July 9, 2006, Portorož

The problems need to be translated into all the different languages and it's hard work indeed. More Images »

iranian team We Are Ready!

July 8, 2006, Ljubljana

Today we tested the Internet, computer games, balls, went over the lists again, sorted out gifts and enjoyed the art of our cooks. During this time, the Iranian team, our only guests so far, went sightseeing in Ljubljana. More Images »

Ivan Cankar Student Hostel

voting box The Selection Process

July 8, 2006, Portorož

Today the jury met in order to select the problems that the contestants will be solving on Wednesday, 12th, and on Thursday, 13th. The jury members would like to have the final problem set determined as soon as possible, so the meetings lasted from 9 in the morning to almost 6 in the afternoon. More Images »

math mood Getting Ready

July 7, 2006, Ljubljana

In the Student Hostel, where some of the contestants will be staying, a mathematical mood is being created. Computers have been set up for everyone to have access to the Internet, and the Iranian team immediately tested them. Each contestant will also get a backpack with items he or she will need. Meanwhile, the organizers are ironing out the last details. More Images »

First Jury Meeting

July 7, 2006, Portorož

The day started with the first jury meeting and the regulations of the IMO 2006 were officially approved. The work continued in smaller groups with the leaders studying the 30 problems from which 6 will be selected in the end as the problems for this year's Olympiad. Even with such a large number of participants every comment is being considered. More Images »

IMO Has Officially Started

July 6, 2006, Portorož

The team leaders arrived at Ljubljana airport today and are now already in Portorož on the Slovene coast. Meanwhile, the IMO Advisory Board (with members from the USA, Spain, Columbia, Mexico, Hungary, South Africa, Vietnam, Russia and Slovenia) held a meeting, in which they discussed, among many other things, possible future IMO host countries. In the evening, the chairman of the Organizing Committee welcomed the participants. More Images »

everybody vogel A Tour of Triglav National Park

July 5, 2006, Bohinj

In the early morning hours, all of the teams currently stationed in Slovenia were gently woken to be picked up by a bus, which took them on a tour of Triglav National Park. They admired the Savica Waterfall and ascended 1,922-metre Vogel Mountain, from which they enjoyed a breathtaking view of Bohinj Valley. Later, some of the tour participants even took a dip in the ice-cold water of Bohinj Lake. More Images »

More Teams Arrive

July 4, 2006, Bled

The Canadian team landed at Brnik Airport in the early afternoon, and were accommodated in beautiful Bohinj. In the evening they were joined by the Swedish and the Luxembourg team. The British team, who are at Bled, have now been joined by their group leader and an observer.

preparations British Team Joins the Slovenian

July 2, 2006, Bled

Yesterday afternoon the first international team, the British, arrived in Slovenia, which unofficially marked the start of IMO2006.

Although a bit down due to England's defeat against Portugal in the FIFA World Cup they will hopefully regain their cheer as they join the Slovenian team in the Plemelj Villa to prepare for the challenge ahead together with their Slovenian peers. More Images »

birthday celebration Slovenian Team at Bled

July 1, 2006, Bled

The Slovenian team arrived at Bled to engage in a set of preparations for IMO2006. There they were greeted by the chairman of the organizing committee and a Wolfram Research representative. Each contestant was given a free copy of Wolfram's Mathematica package, which can be of great aid in solving mathematical problems.

Incidentally one of the team members also celebrated her birthday adding to the good mood everybody was already in. More Images »

Registration almost completed

June 13, 2006

Registration of participants is almost completed. See the current list of registered participants.

Information for contestants

June 12, 2006

The competition will take place in Ljubljana on July 12 and July 13, 2006. The contestants may use writing and drawing utensils, including rulers, compasses and triangles without protractors. More information for contestants »

Visa acquisition

March 15, 2006

The participants from countries needing visas should be registered through our server as soon as possible as the process of visa acquisition can start only after the participants have been registered.


February 22, 2006

Registration of participants is in progress. Note that April 30, 2006 is the last day for on-line registration of Leaders, Deputy leaders and Observers.

Official invitation to the 47th IMO

November 28, 2005

The official invitation to the 47th IMO has been sent today by regular mail to the countries for which we have received (see the list) the fulfilled Contact Form (PDF).

Invitation to the 47th IMO

August 16, 2005

The official invitation to the 47th IMO will be sent in November 2005 to the countries for which we have received (see the list) the fulfilled Contact Form (PDF).

Slovenian success at IMO 2005

July 18, 2005

At 46th International Mathematical Olympiad, which was held in Merida, Mexico, from July 8 to July 19, 2005, Gašper Zadnik (Gimnazija Vič, Ljubljana) received a silver medal, David Gajser (II. gimnazija Maribor) and Špela Špenko (Gimnazija Bežigrad, Ljubljana) have received honourable mentions.

Slovenian IMO 2005 Team

July 1, 2005

Slovenian IMO 2005 Team consists of: Matjaž Berčič (Gimnazija Škofja Loka), David Gajser (II. gimnazija Maribor), Urban Jezernik (I. gimnazija v Celju), Sara Kališnik (ŠC Celje - Splošna in strokovna gimnazija Lava), Špela Špenko (Gimnazija Bežigrad, Ljubljana) in Gašper Zadnik (Gimnazija Vič, Ljubljana).

IMO 2005

July 1, 2005

46th International Mathematical Olympiad will be held in Merida (Mexico) from July 8 to July 19, 2005. More information »

Webpage is online

July 1, 2005

Webpage for the 47th International Mathematical Olympiad in Slovenia, 2006, has been put online.