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All the pictures are available as one huge (1.3GB) compressed file. Pictures of this day can be downloaded separately.

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July 11, 2006, Ljubljana

Grand Opening

Photographer: Rok Cerkvenik

Nigerian team

Nigerian team on stage presenting their country

Nigerian team

Nigerian team at the entrance

Singapore team

Singapore team at the entrance

Crowd in hall

The crowd gathers in the hall

Good mood

VJ Luka Dekleva will put all of them in a good mood

Honored speakers

Honored speakers wait their turn

Slovenian guides

Slovenian guides expecting... the guests


Honoring the Slovenian anthem


The choir singing the anthem

Special guests

The special guests

Zvonko Trontelj

Mr Zvonko Trontelj presiding

Danica Simšič

Ms Danica Simšič gives a welcome speech

Milan Zver

Mr Milan Zver addressing the contestants


The contestants

IMO flag

Mr Milan Zver holding the IMO flag

Tolovaj Mataj

Group Tolovaj Mataj performs ethnic music

Ecuador team

Ecuador team on stage

El Salvador team

El Salvador team unfolding their flag

Italian team

Forza Italia!

Japanese team

Japanese team enjoying the spotlight

Romanian team

Romanian flag takes the stage

Slovenian team

The home team

The end

Show comes to an end


Reception at the Rectorate

July 11, 2006, Ljubljana

Day of the Grand Opening

Well dressed

Bulgarians lost and then found their luggage... now they are well dressed indeed

Late night

Working ants Tatjana and Mirela slave at the office till three in the morning


Zealous Olga


Guitar? Cards? Or studying mathematics? Decisions!

Long hair

Some guides have a lot in common... long hair for example


Watch the ball


Isn't the World Cup over?


Where will the ball land?

Korean team

Koreans with guide Matija


Špela accepts the gifts from our sponsors


Urban knows how to pose


All happy with their gifts


A relaxed interview


A contestant from China with guide Tanja and the reporter


Well, Urban? What are you going to say?


Japanese representatives

Belarus team

Belarus team with guide Teja

Japanese team

The camera nation

Canadian team

Canadians ready for the Grand Opening

Chinese team

Chinese delegation with guide Tanja

Taiwanese team

Taiwanese with guide Marjanca

Lithuanian team

Lithuanians and guide Jaka


Lucijana the boss has everything under control

Hong Kong team

Hong Kong team with guide Špela

Bangladesh team

Bangladesh contestants under the watchful eye of guide Matjaž

Macedonian team

Macedonians even got their own native guide Stojan

Sri Lanka team

Sri Lanka representatives

Serb team

Pleasant and communicative Serbs

No idea sorry

"Hard rock hallelujah!"

Cyprus team

Team from Cyprus and guide Tim

Albanian team

Albanians with guide Aljoša

Thai team

Thai have their own look

Ukrainian team

Contestants from Ukraine

Russian team

Who could these be?

Swedish team

Uniformed Swedes

Janez smiling

Liechtenstein representative, two from Luxembourg and always smiling guide Janez

El Salvador team

El Salvador team and guide Urška

Malezian team

Contestants from Malezia

Columbian coffee

Columbians and their world renowned coffee

Brazilian gifts

Team from Brazil also brought gifts of their own


Two news casters from BBC

Last call

Last preparations in the late evening hours

July 11, 2006, Ljubljana

Work of the Invigilators

Contest Area C

Largest contest area - Area C

Lined up

Everything is lined up perfectly

First time

Invigilators enter "their" contest area for the first time

Sitting order

Do the markings match the sitting order?

Group D

Group D readying the folders for the contestants

Savina, Sonja, Nada, Aziza, Alica

Savina, Sonja, Nada, Aziza and Alica are a well tuned team

Subgroups of C

Group C working in subgroups

Tons of paper

How many tons of paper?


Folders for the second day of contest

Preparation to sorting

Today the preparation room, tomorrow the sorting room

Conveyor belt

Like a conveyor belt

Part and puzzle

Everybody know their part and the whole puzzle

Should be?

Is this how it should be?

Good so far

Everything good so far

Marija and Nevenka

Marija and Nevenka

Metres of countries

Metres of countries in the sorting room

July 11, 2006, Portorož

Sunny Portorož

July 11, 2006, Ljubljana

Press Conference

Photographer: Rok Cerkvenik