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July 17, 2006, Ljubljana

The End

Cankarjev Dom

In front of Cankarjev Dom

Humorous interview

The humorous and...

Serious interview

...the serious side of the interview with 'RTV Slovenija' news caster

Jernej and Charles

Jernej congratulates Charles from Australia for his birthday


Happy birthday, Irakli!


Dimitri was pleasantly surprised

Pakistan team

Marjana and most of the Pakistani team

Hong Kong team

Hong Kong representatives with guide Špela

Puerto Rico team

Puerto Ricans

Colombian team

Colombian team in an interesting setup

Korean team

Matija keeps a watchful eye on his Koreans

French team

Saša and the French team

Slovenian team

Color coordinated Slovenian team

Macau team

Darja in the middle of Macau team

Slovenian and Chinese team

Slovenian team with golden Chinese team in front

Taiwan team

Taiwanese after the closing ceremony

Turkmenistan team

Turkmenistan representatives


With the parliament building in the back

Hong Kong team

Immaculate Hong Kong team

Mexican team

Lea and the Mexicans

Russian team

Russian medals shine bright

Georgian team

Georgian team

Autralian team

Proud Australians

Latvian team

Photogenic Latvians

Swiss team

The Swiss are not afraid of heights

Uruguay team

Two contestants from Uruguay

Senior guides

People most responsible for the well-being of contestants

Polish team

Last shots already in the dark

After banquet

After the banquet


Peter as photomodel

Move it

I like to move it, move it

No alco

Good boy doesn't drink alcohol

A toast

A toast to the successful conclusion of the Olympiad



Peter and guides

Peter with his guides

July 17, 2006, Ljubljana


Photographer: Miha Drenik

Playing cards

It's a party and they're playing cards!

Making fun

Czech making fun of me

Making fun

A minute ago they were immitating a star wars lightsabre battle

Making fun

Slovak making fun of me

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka leader and his two right hands

Andrej and baby

Andrej Bauer feeding the baby... aaaaw

Irena Majcen

Irena Majcen


Show me that grill


Sanja did not want her picture taken... so here is her ID instead

Marko Boben

Marko Boben thinks the camera is too close to his face

Gregor Dolinar

Gregor Dolinar talking to Sanja Fidler

Colombian team

I guess this is the Colombian team

Mojca Miklavec

Mojca gave many ideas for the site... thank you Mojca!

Polish team

Polish team


These two look very British to me


Canadian maple leaf gives this one away


Happily posing

One more

But the third one wanted to be in the picture also

Špela Špenko

Špela was visibly tired of photographers


Could be Italians but what is that flag?


This is how you smile for the camera

Polish team

I found the Polish team again on the other side

Polish team

No escaping from me... so smile


Always carry your flag with you

Jurij Sablić

Jurij keeps that smile on his face most of the time

Trinidad and Tobago team

Some Pictures of well dressed Trinidad and Tobago team and their guide

A joke

He was being told a mathematical joke


Andrej Bauer stealing my shot... flashed!

Sponsor gift

A gift from a sponsor

Miha Drenik

Sanja turns the tables on me

Iztok Kavkler

Waiting for Bojan

Bojan get in the frame!

Senior guides

Senior guides


The next few happily posed for me


I will call them Korean

Even this one

Even got this one to smile!


Hungarian... probably

The One

Mathematicians can dance too!


VJ Luka Dekleva making a face at me


DJ giving me the look

July 17, 2006, Ljubljana

Closing Ceremony

Photographer: Rok Cerkvenik