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All the pictures are available as one huge (1.3GB) compressed file. Pictures of this day can be downloaded separately.

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July 9, 2006, Ljubljana

Sunday Afternoon

Busy computers

Computers are always busy


Preparing to equip the contestants

Sweet home

Home, sweet home

Maša's proteges

Maša's proteges

FIFA finale

France? Italy? That was the question

July 9, 2006, Ljubljana

The Fun Is Starting

Prihod Tajske

Thailand team arrives

Prihod Vietnama

Vietnam team arrives


Testing the Xboxes

Špelina skupina

Špela's team at the introductory meeting

Olgina skupina

Olga's team at the introductory meeting

July 9, 2006, Portorož


Jury discussing the english version

Jury voting for translations

Hot debate

Language translation board