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All the pictures are available as one huge (1.3GB) compressed file. Pictures of this day can be downloaded separately.

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July 12, 2006, Ljubljana

After the Competition


Marian's 18th birthday

Tired Mexican

A tired Mexican

Interesting invitation

Interesting invitation


This is how the Germans prepare


Focused Kyrgyzstanians

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia representative

Bad boys

Bad boys... no doubt about it

French and Italian

French and Italian... who else?

Not just sport

The stadium is not just for sports


Not all French think of football

Kuwaiti flag

Kuwaiti attracting attention


Happy birthday Marios

Thai and Tarok

Guide Maja teaches Thai to play the game of Tarok

Moldavian team

Moldavians and guide Matevž

Colorful bike

Where did Igor find such a bike?

July 12, 2006, Primorska

A Tour of Primorska

July 12, 2006, Ljubljana

First Day of Contest 2

Relief group

A new group waits to relieve the invigilators for an hour


Coffee from the school's cafeteria

July 12, 2006, Ljubljana

First Contest

Photographer: Rok Cerkvenik

July 12, 2006, Portorož

Questions and Answers

Jury awaits

Jury awaits the questions

First question

First question arrives

Leader presenting

Leader presenting the question

Jury formulating

Jury formulating an answer

More questions

More questions arrive

Final decision

The final decision

Mass printing

Mass printing questions


The long and winding line


The question line up


42 questions in all

July 12, 2006, Ljubljana

First Day of Contest

Gathering solutions

Gathering solutions


A Venezuelan with everything he might need


Getting out of the rain


Only some thought of bringing an umbrella

Slovenian team

Slovenian team just before the competition

Contest hall

This is where it will take place


Slovenian contestant Špela

Soon to begin

Contest will begin shortly

Movie stars

Contestants as movie stars


Matjaž rapidly leaving the scene

After competition

After the competition

Discussing problems

Discussing the problems

Got it?

Did you get it right?


Reporters don't waste time