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All the pictures are available as one huge (1.3GB) compressed file. Pictures of this day can be downloaded separately.

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July 10, 2006, Ljubljana

Last Contestants Arrive

Japanese team

Photogenic Japanese

Tatjana's group

Tatjana's group

Slovenian team

Slovenian team with Mr Felda

Slovenian team

Slovenian team with deputy leader Jerner Tonejc


Contestants are never safe from paparazzi

Australian team

Jernej and his Australians

Taiwanese team

Happy Taiwanese

Swiss team

Which country could these four be from?

Croatian team

Croatian team did not have a long way to travel

Slovenian team

Last preparations for the home team

Czech team

Giddy Czech team

German contestant

A tired German


Špela is always smiling

Two Dutch

A pleasant surprise... uniformly dressed Dutch


Iranians playing chess

Slovenian team

Slovenian knights of the round table

Two Portugese

Smiling Portugese

Italian team

Football champions

Venezuelan team

Congenial Venezuelan team

Two Bolivians

Our logo on Bolivian shirts

Spanish team

Spanish delegation

Irish team

Irish pyramid


Waiting for the last few contestants late into the night


We don't bite!

Lost Mongolian

We found the lost Mongolian

July 10, 2006, Brnik Airport

Contestant Arrivals

Photographer: Rok Cerkvenik

July 10, 2006, Portorož

Coordination of the Marking

Marking scheme

Presenting the marking scheme

Contestant lists

The list of contestants who have arrived

Jury meeting

Start of yet another jury meeting

Hot debate

Hot debate


The chairman in session

Chief coordinators

Chief coordinators

Coffee break

Coffee break


Arguing the marking scheme

More debate

...and more debate going on

Eager Jury

The eager jury

July 10, 2006, Ljubljana

Start of an Interesting Week

Kebab line

In line for kebab


Sports accomplishments must be well documented


Getting to know Ljubljana


Lucijan performs his work diligently

Team Singapore

Team Singapore with a cute mascot

Hungarian team

Hungarians and their well deserved rest


Mathematics hides in cards too

Greek team

Greeks listen attentively to Nejc


Surprise for Maša...

Birthday it was her birthday!