Official Programme

Date Leaders Deputy leaders Contestants
July 6 (Thursday) Arrival    
July 7 (Friday) Jury meeting    
July 8 (Saturday) Jury meeting    
July 9 (Sunday) Jury meeting    
July 10 (Monday) Jury meeting Arrival Arrival
July 11 (Tuesday) Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony
July 12 (Wednesday) Questions/Answers   1st day of contest
July 13 (Thursday) Questions/Answers   2nd day of contest
July 14 (Friday) Coordination Coordination Excursion
July 15 (Saturday) Coordination Coordination Excursion
July 16 (Sunday) Excursion Excursion Excursion
July 17 (Monday) Closing ceremony Closing ceremony Closing ceremony
July 18 (Tuesday) Departure Departure Departure

Members of the IMO Advisory Board are expected to arrive on July 5 and will have meetings on July 6, 2006.