The IMO 2006 Logo

The history of labyrinths is over 3500 years long and its origins are still unknown. The labyrinth symbol occurs in different cultures, at different points in time, in places as diverse as Peru, Arizona, Iceland, Crete, Egypt, India and Sumatra. In many cultures the labyrinth seems to symbolise the path to be followed. The twisting, tortuous paths are often seen as guarding the central goal from direct penetration. Ariadne's thread was the means by which Theseus was able to enter into the legendary Labyrinth of Knossos, despatch the unfortunate Minotaur and retrace his steps unscathed.

Solving mathematical problems is like finding your way through the labyrinth. False pathways or dead ends will make you reach the central goal slowly. But once you reach it, the Ariadne's thread in your mind will help you find your way over and over again. This is the chance to feel the lure of the mathematics for yourself.

The IMO 2006 Logo was designed by prof. Janez Suhadolc. The Classical or Cretan labyrinth similar to the one used in the logo was found in several places around the world. Classical Labyrinth

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